Songwriting | Arranging | Recording | Mixing | Mastering 

We help artists and musicians realise their artistic goal.  From creating simple demos to producing commercial releases for labels. We have done it. See our discography

Music for Brands, TV & Film

Exclusive Library | Custom compositions | Immediate Clearing

We have a proven, exclusive library of custom-composed music ideal for brand promotion and placement on TV or film.


next-gen A&R | Publishing | Advisory

We help emerging and new artists build their career. Practical advice, novel tactics + strategies to help them win in the world of streaming and online fans. Available as a consultancy service.

The team

Started in 2016 by Ian Kelosky and Simon Young as a home for our music projects small and large, we have grown to offer a range of simple but effective services to independent and signed artists from around the world. We have an obsessive passion for music and the belief that delivering the best possible work we can every-time, regardless of client budget is the most important part of our job.

Ian Kelosky

I started out performing in regionally-successful rock bands in the USA. After moving to Europe I started to compose more, ending up as a songwriter for major Czech pop artists, also producing some of the biggest major-label acts in CZ too. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook @iankelosky or drop me a message on ian at atlanticrobotmusic.com

Simon Young

I support Ian in major production projects and scout for new talent to produce. I also take care of new artist development – advising emerging talent on publishing, contracts, negotiations and media relations.  I studied music production, songwriting and popular music arrangement at Berklee College of music.  You can send me an email on simon at atlanticrobotmusic.com